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Effective Writing Book

December 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

Effective writing conveys its core meaning clearly and concisely. Web App Heroes should strive to improve the effectiveness of their writing. Here’s a book that can help:

WRITING THAT WORKS” by Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson.

The best practices espoused within are clearly demonstrated throughout the book. Enjoy!

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A new programming paradigm promises a giant leap forward in both ease and sophistication. I can’t add much value to what has already been written, so please enjoy this article by John Koestier.

Also, check out to play around with the knowledge engine.

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Vagrant makes it dead simple to create a portable server environment on your local development system. All future webapphero articles and videos about Linux sys admin and dev-ops will presume the use of Ubuntu Server. Use Vagrant to setup Ubuntu Server on a virtual machine within Windows, Mac, or Linux. This video walks through the basics of Vagrant and notes below provide a brief synopsis.

Why Vagrant? Vagrant produces portable, virtual machines (VM), such as Ubuntu Server, that can be easily shared as development environments among a team of developers, and also between local development and production systems. Vagrant automatically syncs files from our project folder to the /vagrant directory of the guest VM. Continue Reading…