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Today, my 45th Birthday, is a natural time to reflect on this year’s experiences, to milk their essence down to a light-weight survival pack, suitable for long distance travel and for sharing. Without a doubt, this year’s lesson is that forgiveness requires daily practice. These words came to me this year after a particularly challenging time…

The nature of forgiveness is hidden in plain sight as we learn, through pain and love, that forgiveness may be that measure of unconditional love freely shared with, through and as each other, not only in response to being wronged, but before, during, after and always.

By Grace, today, we have once more chance to practice f-o-r-e-givness of self and others, to practice love.

At the end of each day, can I  ask myself, “do I have love in my heart, not just for the people in my life, but for the people of my life?”

And if all this fluffy puffy talk hasn’t softened us up toward the idea of forgiveness yet, just imagine how much we’d be getting on each other’s nerves if in fact we were all perfect. Yikes! I dread to think of it. But really, each of you, my friends, family and colleagues, mean more to me than words can say and are the only present I need. Love you guys!  …most of the time   ;  )

My best,