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The Holistic Startup

November 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

A new global economy is in front of us, powered largely by long wave forces, object-oriented programming, cloud-computing, open-source software and entrepreneurial innovation. The web app is here! Unforeseeable opportunities await those willing to venture their time and talent into this exciting realm. The Holistic Startup is an open-ended idea to describe a new way of thinking about Startups in general.

The core of the idea of The Holistic Startup is: “I am the Startup”.

It’s about identity, perspective and not just what I do and achieve, but how I do it. The idea of holism suggests great benefit in attempting to look at something as a whole. A holistic startup doesn’t have to begin with one person. Hence, “We are the Startup”. However, the Startup isn’t something external to myself, or us. This subtle shift in thinking now allows us to carry forward in a new way. I’m not investing time and money into a business. I’m investing in myself, educating myself, training myself, growing myself. In this context, success is guaranteed.

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