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IMPORTANT: This is a fictitious memo. I’m not the owner of Wakanda or even an employee. These are only my opinions and daydreams.

Strategically, Wakanda should strive ‘to enable the average 9th grader to design, develop and deploy a non-trivial, public, secure, data-driven web application within a semester’. I mean this literally.

In any organization, we can divide its members into 2 distinct groups—those who think and act as owners; those who don’t. I’m going to put my owner-minded hat on and make several rather opinionated statements about Wakanda’s business strategy. This is done out of admiration for the platform and with great respect for the Wakanda Team.

Wakanda’s intention to target professional developers as its key market was revealed in a recent interview.

And now for my bold proclamation: It is wrong-headed to target professional developers.

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