Building a world-class web app is a tough challenge. I’m relying on practice and persistence to achieve mastery. Here is an outline of the skills I’ll be practicing to produce a world-class web app and go from Web App Zero toward Web App Hero. The goal is two-fold:

  • Create a world-class web app
  • Experience mastery through learning and practice

Where possible, items are linked to learning resources. Both free and paid resources will be referenced based solely on their merit. Missing links indicate that I’m still searching for the best possible resources to share.

I welcome your comments at the bottom of this page to provide suggestions or alternative resources. My path probably won’t be a perfect fit for you. Please share a link to your path in a comment below to help others discover more choices in learning paths.

Web App Zero

Every masterful programmer started somewhere. Be encouraged, a job begun is half way done. We benefit by letting go of thinking about things as either difficult or easy, but rather as familiar or unfamiliar 1. As you become intimately familiar with the details of the subject matter, the most ‘difficult’ topics will eventually seem easy. Compete with yourself only and focus daily on the fundamentals, for these lead to mastery!


The most important prerequisite of all is learning how to learn.

Computer programming (problem solving) requires ability in math, logic, language and communication. These skills are also strengthened greatly by practicing programming daily. View the following resources for abstractness, variables and functions. If they seem confusing or too advanced for your current situation, do not lose heart. Khan Academy will provide you with a free curriculum path to obtain missing skills. You should review the concepts of Abstract-ness, Variables and Functions listed below. If any of these are too great a leap for you, try building your skills and knowledge up from an earlier point in Khan Academy’s math curriculum path.

I like to study 25 minutes of math every work day morning. This is a great way to warm up the brain and learn. I recommend and use the Teaching Textbook curriculum. Here’s a link to their placement test.


Khan Academy


Khan Academy


Khan Academy

Core Skills


  • How to Design Programs  (Text & Course Part 1)

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • ClosureScript

  • Clojure

  • Datomic

  • Graphic Design

  • Usability / Accessibility

  • Server Administration/DevOps:

    • Docker
    • AWS
    • Kubernetes
    • SSH

Auxiliary Skills

  • Operating System and Computer Basics

  • Adult Learning Best Practices (Pomodoro)

  • Web Research and Organization

  • Effective Writing

  • Drawing

  • Markdown or Markmin

  • Revision Control (git/github)

  • Workflow Efficiency (Spacemacs & IntelliJ Cursive)

  • Tips & Hacks

Web App Hero!

Congratulations on your hard work and focus. You not only have the skill to produce world-class web apps, you are now adept at learning anything you invest yourself in. Celebrate! And create!

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    • Thank you for the encouraging feedback CJ! That’s quite a compliment, coming from you. Now that I’ve found an entry point, How to Design Programs, that I’m confident to share with non-computer science learners and experienced programmers alike you can expect a much greater pace of publication.

      I’m committed to our collective success!

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