Effective Writing Book

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Effective writing conveys its core meaning clearly and concisely. Web App Heroes should strive to improve the effectiveness of their writing. Here’s a book that can help:

WRITING THAT WORKS” by Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson.

The best practices espoused within are clearly demonstrated throughout the book. Enjoy!

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A new programming paradigm promises a giant leap forward in both ease and sophistication. I can’t add much value to what has already been written, so please enjoy this venturebeat.com article by John Koestier.


Also, check out wolframalpha.com to play around with the knowledge engine.

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Vagrant makes it dead simple to create a portable server environment on your local development system. All future webapphero articles and videos about Linux sys admin and dev-ops will presume the use of Ubuntu Server. Use Vagrant to setup Ubuntu Server on a virtual machine within Windows, Mac, or Linux. This video walks through the basics of Vagrant and notes below provide a brief synopsis.

Why Vagrant? Vagrant produces portable, virtual machines (VM), such as Ubuntu Server, that can be easily shared as development environments among a team of developers, and also between local development and production systems. Vagrant automatically syncs files from our project folder to the /vagrant directory of the guest VM. Continue Reading…

Is OSX Mavericks Finder crashing on you about every minute? Maybe this brief video can help you:

(Spoiler Alert: It was a conflict with Google Drive which mysteriously fixed itself)

Looks like I’m not the only one. Apparently, disabling “show file sync status icons and right click menu” option within Drive: Preferences is the current fix.

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IMPORTANT: This is a fictitious memo. I’m not the owner of Wakanda or even an employee. These are only my opinions and daydreams.

Strategically, Wakanda should strive ‘to enable the average 9th grader to design, develop and deploy a non-trivial, public, secure, data-driven web application within a semester’. I mean this literally.

In any organization, we can divide its members into 2 distinct groups—those who think and act as owners; those who don’t. I’m going to put my owner-minded hat on and make several rather opinionated statements about Wakanda’s business strategy. This is done out of admiration for the platform and with great respect for the Wakanda Team.

Wakanda’s intention to target professional developers as its key market was revealed in a recent interview.

And now for my bold proclamation: It is wrong-headed to target professional developers.

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Purpose: To help distinguish between commands and command output.

Example: See below. You may choose a different set of element colors.

Video: See bottom of this post.

Note: My current Terminal – Preferences are set to {Theme: Basic, Font: Menlo, Font Color: Yellow, Font Size: 16}



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A guide to customizing colors in Mac OS X Terminal for the command ls. Performed on OS X Lion.

Purpose: To easily distinguish between directories and files.

Example: See Step 1. You may choose a different set of element colors.

Note: My current Terminal – Preferences are set to {Theme: Basic, Font: Menlo, Font Color: Yellow, Font Size: 16}

Detailed Video:

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The Holistic Startup

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A new global economy is in front of us, powered largely by long wave forces, object-oriented programming, cloud-computing, open-source software and entrepreneurial innovation. The web app is here! Unforeseeable opportunities await those willing to venture their time and talent into this exciting realm. The Holistic Startup is an open-ended idea to describe a new way of thinking about Startups in general.

The core of the idea of The Holistic Startup is: “I am the Startup”.

It’s about identity, perspective and not just what I do and achieve, but how I do it. The idea of holism suggests great benefit in attempting to look at something as a whole. A holistic startup doesn’t have to begin with one person. Hence, “We are the Startup”. However, the Startup isn’t something external to myself, or us. This subtle shift in thinking now allows us to carry forward in a new way. I’m not investing time and money into a business. I’m investing in myself, educating myself, training myself, growing myself. In this context, success is guaranteed.

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